Close to me - Summer 2022

Close to me - Summer 2022

Summer is right around the corner, so we couldn’t miss the chance to let you enjoy a new campaign.

The present time is doing its best to send us a clear message.

Everything seems to be shadowed by misfortune: climate change, the war in Europe, the pandemic still lurking in a corner, everything is pointing towards an uncertain future.

Everything  appears to be more complex.

The previous campaigns centered around the desire to regain possession of our lives, to start diving into our routine but in a different way, more self-assured, more optimistic and lighter.

Our shots were all about the enthusiasm, determination, the desire to be together and make sense of a new and different future. 

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Now that the lightness that we were hoping for seems to be fading away, almost out of focus, what can we do?

There are many possibilities…

Our suggestion is just one: stay close.

Keep closer together, do not let go of a single moment of happiness. Look for the lightness in everything that is around us, in the people close to us. 

Closer and closer, an unbreakable bond.


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Always with an assured look to face this uncertain horizon, with all the enthusiasm that big chances usually carry.



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Once again, behind the lenses photographer Damiano Andreotti, with Shelly Chinaglia, Federico Battisti - our models - and Lorenza Bacchieri, our makeup artist. 


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Art direction: 3W - Web Agency

Ph: Damiano Andreotti @damianoandreotti 

MakeUp & Hairstyling: Lorenza Bacchieri @ladydiabolika_official

Models: Shelly Chinaglia - 26 Models Milano e Federico Battisti - Brave Model Management