Seasonal Color Analysis and glasses: here are the perfect matches

Seasonal Color Analysis and glasses: here are the perfect matches

Have you ever felt in doubt when choosing the color of your glasses?

You are not sure about the perfect shade that best suits your skin?

Don’t worry, we got you covered. We are pleased to introduce you to the secrets of the Seasonal Color Analysis!


In order to discover the shade that works best with your colors, it is possible to analyze your skin tone, your eyes and hair color, so that you can find the perfect shade to make all these elements stand out. 

As for jewels and make-up, the glasses need their perfect match for the Seasonal Color Analysis as well.

Firstly, we need to understand if we stand out with cold or warm hues and then we need to take into consideration the contrast of hair - eyes - skin, the intensity (a strong or moderate brightness) and the value (pale, medium or dark).



It often happens that, undecided, we end up not finding the perfect glasses, no matter how many models we have tried on. To avoid this, we should find our perfect color palette: there are four, each corresponding to a Season, each perfect to enhance our features.

So, how do we find out which Season is our match? You may try comparing your face with different colored drapes, without any make-up on and avoiding the exposure of artificial light. There are also many different free applications that will help you just with using a smartphone!

How do we understand if a color is enhancing our features? If a drape or color suits us, we will see that the bags under our eyes will end up being less accentuated, the skin will look brighter and the smile more luminous. 


There are four Seasons: Winter has a cold facet, a dark value and high intensity, Summer has a cold facet, a bright value and low intensity. Spring has a warm facet, bright value and high intensity, while Autumn has a warm facet, a dark value and low intensity.

You can find here some information about the perfect glasses for your color palette.


Winter: if you have a dark facet your color is electric blue, dark purple and red; the tortoise is perfect with a grey tone. 

  • skin: olive-colored, rose-colored
  • eyes: dark brown, blue, grey or black
  • hair: dark brown  



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Spring: warm colors are perfect, so bright orange, blue, pastel pink. For the most classic models, metal gold frames and tortoise effect on a brown tone are a true must.

  • skin: medium-light
  • eyes: green, blue or hazel
  • hair: light-brown or blond



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Autumn: the best colors are mustard-colored, teal, metal and amber colors, dark-brown.

  • skin: light skin, medium-dark or dark with a pale shade
  • eyes: dark-brown or green
  • hair: brown or red

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Summer: we suggest cold colors such as silver, pale gold, blue and grey shades. 

  • skin: light skin
  • eyes: blue, grey, green
  • hair: blond, light-brown


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Now you are all set to find your perfect pair of glasses!

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