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Viva Magenta eyewear: the new Pantone trend of 2023

Viva Magenta eyewear: the new Pantone trend of 2023

A color to discover and to wear: Viva Magenta is 2023 true star.

This new color, the most fashionable and sought-after shade of the new year, should definitely be a must-have on your wishlist for the new eyewear collection.

Fashion, beauty, design, art and technology are all chasing the last trend declared by the Pantone Color Institute that, after having examined trends from all over the world, has chosen the color of the year: after last year’s Very Peri, Viva Magenta is the new protagonist of 2023. 

Viva Magenta derives from the colorant produced by the cochineal insect, one of the most precious colorants found in nature, which is then artificially worked with the colors blue and fuchsia until it finally becomes “Magenta”. 

A shade of red which is both vibrant and playful, bold but versatile and most of all inclusive; concepts all included in the “Viva” of its name. 

The eyewear world is rich in sunglasses and eyeglasses models in this crimson red shade, a color that cheers up, intense and fearless: those who wear it will feel carefree, positive and audacious. 

Let’s discover together women and men models with the Viva Magenta color, “an unconventional shade for unconventional times”, as the Pantone Color Institute has explained to wrap “in power and grace, assertive without being aggressive”. 

  • Bottega Veneta BV1005S Red/red

This eyeglasses model from Bottega Veneta has made everyone go crazy after Melania Trump wore it. An oversized acetate, with a simple squared frame, a classy gold detail on the angles… A joy for the eyes! 

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  • Miu Miu LOGO SMU 06X Burgundy/brown Pink Shaded 

The Miu Miu eyewear is imagined for women with a rebellious and seductive soul and a contemporary femininity. The Viva Magenta shade becomes the voice for an independent and self-aware woman.  

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  • Balenciaga BB0185O Burgundy

Balenciaga’s artistic vision and path is all in this Everyday model BB0185O 003 in the Viva Magenta shiny shade, matching temples and the unmistakable gold logo.

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  • Prada PR 19WV Burgundy

Prada eyeglasses and sunglasses are equivalent to Italian luxury, to high quality and neverending evolution since 1913: a mixture of unique elegance, style and refinery preserved during the time. The model PR 19WV in the Viva Magenta version is the frame which encourages self-expression and empowerment.

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Discover on Otticanet all the Viva Magenta-colored sunglasses and eyeglasses. Impossible to go unnoticed!

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