How to clean your glasses: a guide by our opticians

How to clean your glasses: a guide by our opticians

4 easy tips to clean and take care of your glasses.

To take care of your eyeglasses and sunglasses means to see clearly and have glasses that will stand the test of time.

Follow our easy tips, written by our team of opticians who every day, with care and skill, meet our Customers’ needs.

1- Clean your glasses regularly

You should clean your lenses at least once a day but should you need to remove traces of make-up you may repeat the process more than once. The frame usually requires just a weekly cleaning but, as well as for the lenses it depends on how often you use your glasses and if you handle them always with clean hands.

2- Use the right cleaning tools

By using the right cleaning products you will avoid damages to the frame or the lenses. A microfiber cleaning cloth with a specific spray is ideal to remove dust, haloes and fingerprints without the risk of scratching  the lenses. Spray the lenses on both sides and dry them with a microfiber cloth, they will shine again.

Cleaning wipes are also a valid alternative, there are specific ones to clean your glasses, ready to use and easy to carry around.

3- What if you do not have the specific tools

It might happen to have an emergency but the easiest way is the classic way: water and just a few drops of mild soap.

After placing the glasses under lukewarm water apply a few drops of mild soap on your fingers and very gently proceed to lather the lenses, then rinse off the soap. Dry the glasses with a cloth, the smoother the better (make sure to avoid wipes and tissues so as not to scratch the lenses or leave hair behind).

4- Keep your glasses in their case

It is very important to keep  your glasses in their original case: you will avoid dust and accidental damages. If you do not have the case handy, always put the glasses on a plane surface with the lenses pointing upwards. Be careful of extreme sources of heat and cold which might  distort the frame and damage the lenses.


Can I just use the microfiber cloth to clean my glasses?

You should avoid it, since small particles of dust might scratch the lenses.

Can I wash the microfiber cloth?

You can wash it in the washing machine (maximum 40 degrees and no fabric softener) or you can just hand-wash it with mild soap.

How and where do I keep the microfiber cloth?

You should keep it away from dust and dirt. The ideal place is the glasses’ case or a small pouch.

Can I use dish soap to wash my glasses?

We advise against it since it is too aggressive and as a result it might damage the anti-reflective coating.

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